Monday, April 28, 2008

Is Main Street Ready for Gay PDA? Is ABC Ready to Engage in Real Journalism?

I got a tip to this story from a messageboard that I frequent. Apparently, ABC is doing another one of their "What Would You Do?" stories, this time focusing on reactions to two different gay couples engaging in PDA on a park bench in two different locations, once in Alabama and once in
New Jersey. It was very clear to me even while watching the piece that it was biased in many ways, and calling it amateurish would be a compliment, but I'll let you make your own decisions before I get to mine. You can view the video here

Once upon a time, I was a young, idealistic kid who wanted nothing more than to be in front of the camera on an anchor desk, and while perhaps there's still a part of me that wants that dream, I watch pieces like this and they reinforce why I got the hell out of broadcast journalism and pursued an honest and fulfilling career in Advertising (please note the sarcasm that should be dripping from your computer screen at this point). There is so much wrong with this piece, and the most damning thing about it is that they were all so very obvious upon my first viewing of it.

#1 - Both of the gay couples and all of the media examples of gay kisses presented were all of Whites, reinforcing the stereotype that gay = white, and once again ignoring queers of color.

#2 - The women who were opposed to the Lesbians kissing were bible-quoting rural stereotypes with country accents, complete with the banjo music playing in the background as they spoke.

#3 - The men highlighted with a negative reaction to the behavior were both Black, thus continuing with the black = homophobic stereotype, and once again ensuring the liberal types that are already watching this show that "see, the real homophobes are those other people, not you!".

My critical thinking skills tell me that this "experiment" is a big pile of horseshit designed to make rich white liberals feel better about themselves. The people at ABC didn't want to honestly examine reactions, they just wanted to prove what they already thought. This shit is what's wrong with our news media today. I'll pass. I've already brought enough undeserved attention to this "story" by writing about it.

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