Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mocha Lounge Video Blog (Test Pilot)

Hey everybody! I know I've been talking a lot about my video blog that's going up at AfterElton. Well, I finally met and brainstormed with my co-host Aundra and we put together a little test pilot for my editor to look over and critique. However, I'm gonna give you guys a first look! Mind you, we'll eventually film on better video, have more structure (this was an off the cuff thing to test chemistry and camera presence), and an intro, but this is a good idea of the feeling that we want to come from the Mocha Lounge Video Blog. Enjoy!

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

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Edu via 205 said...

idc if it is jus a test run pilot!...yes, black people are more homophobic then everyone else. within a race there are varying cultures, that is to say its not just black men who are homophobic but also black women can be too. Most would think that women would embrace the "gay man" because we see so many females thinking and referring to it as being absolutely glamourous! That to me is association a person, a culture as some form of animation--Gew. I'm black and no I'm not homophobic nor am I gay. But as I stated above there are black persons (men and women who are) and it goes back to the ideal of masculinity--for some reason black men are thought of to be this statue of strong and well-endowed lover (not always the case) so to be gay and to want to love men is total opposite. There for not falling in line with the perceived thought of ultimate masculinity. Since being gay men are sometimes thought of as "weak" individuals; masculinity speak strength. This is an evolving issue within the black community and between black women too. I love that you asked it. xoxo