Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's it all About?

So right about now, I'm closing in on the 6-month point of writing this blog, and it's been a really great experience that has actually opened up a lot of doors for me as a writer. I'm currently having a great time blogging for, and that whole opportunity came very randomly via a ham-handed PR email requesting an interview/feature before the Diddy show dropped. The editor came here, liked my stuff, and all of a sudden I was a published writer on a major website. Funny how that works, huh?

Right about now, I'm really trying to pinpoint the direction of this whole thing. Initially, it was meant as a kind of a forum for my own political leanings and opinions, but I'm starting to see it as more of a blog about myself, life, and, well, Rob in the City. I definitely want to continue posting about politics and pop culture, but I've also kind of developed a group of people (fan base? is that arrogant?) through this whole reality show thing that I really want to be able to reach out to and keep informed of everything that's going on with me. I'm definitely making some moves right now and would like to continue to be a voice for people like me, especially those who felt good about seeing a Black Gay Man on TV. I've gotten those myspace messages/emails/etc., and it feels great.

In the future, expect to see the same politics and pop culture postings that I've done in the past, but with a little something extra to spice it up a bit, starting with more about my life, my experiences, and what I'm doing. The first in the line of those postings will be a little blurb about my AMAZING first-timer experience at Fire Island last weekend, as well as something a little more personal about the mixed feelings that come with failure on a very LARGE scale (and anyone who watched the Diddy show this week knows exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm looking forward to this new direction, and I hope you all keep reading!

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