Friday, August 8, 2008

Who's That Girl?

Now I know that this is an image that has been making its way around the internet lately and if Loreal is guilty of lightening her skin for this ad (which I'm pretty sure they are), then what exactly does that say about the artist in question? I remain a huge Beyonce fan, and of course she gets the mainstream benefits of being a very fair-skinned black girl, but I would like to think that such an obviously savvy businesswoman would exert more control over her image. I am under no delusions that having more money than God makes you necessarily smart about these types of things, but this suggests a certain ignorance about historic standards of beauty (and perhaps those who don't meet those rigid standards) that's more than a little off-putting. Perhaps her and Lebron "King Kong" James should try to read up a little on history and think for a second about the messages they're sending to fans before they cash the checks. People who present themselves as role models (and they do) should be held to the standards of such. Just a thought.

P.S. - What in the holy hell is Beyonce doing in a Loreal ad anyways? Is this a new lacefront wig coloring line? I'm confused, because underneath all of that, Beyonce's hair looks like this, and I happen to think that beats the lacefronts any day of the week.

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Roderick said...

Sir, you're talking right! What in the world is Beyonce doing serving as the face of a product that she doesn't personally use? Obviously she can buy those wigs in whatever color she wants... who need "no lye dye?" In 2008 we're still perpetuating this idea, however institutionalized as it's become, that these androgynous biracial attributes depict beauty. The irony is that it's not even enough to be fair skinned... she's got to look like a tanned white girl! It's always risky every questing Mrs. Knowles.. the Gay Mafia may be after you at this very moment!